National Office Furniture

This is in reference to the work performed by Classy Concrete Coatings, at National Office Furniture, a unit of Kimball International. To date, Classy Concrete Coatings has provided service in two states; our Jasper, Indiana facility and, Danville, Kentucky facility. We have used them multiple times now at both facilities, and have been extremely satisfied with several key points:


Safety – his team of staff members always make sure to clearly define their work area, and before leaving facilities, make sure our plants can start up back up without a concern for employee safety.

Flexible hours – due to our rapid changing hours, he has flexed his team to complete projects. (If need be, on only 24 hr. notice.)

Dependable – he is on-site when he says…and he completes the job.

Their team worked to satisfy our expectations. This is before the work starts, during and afterwards, to make sure we are satisfied with work provided. We have built a relationship, and when floor coatings are needed, he has our business. Very trustworthy, we have opened our facilities to his team (24 hrs. a day,) to get projects completed in our time frame.

The visual appeal of their work is amazing. We get comments on how our facility has improved from our employees, (brightened their work area,) and external customers, (how impressed they are with shop floors.)

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