Carl Bornhorst

Thank you for the great work Classy Concrete Coatings did for me. Four years ago, I restored the last room of my three story historic home built in 1928. It was the garage, which I call the auto zone. You used the original concrete floor and made it look like a real wooden floor! I had a historic tour of my home last year, and I had people on their hands and knees, saying, ‘I didn’t know these old homes HAD wooden floors in the garage!’ That is how much it looks, and feels like a wooden floor! It also cleans up great, and was featured in Ohio magazine, Fox TV, and the local Lima news.


Also, a year ago, you repaired the concrete floor under my portico. It was the original concrete floor with cracks and missing concrete. It was in bad shape. I did not want to remove the old concrete. Classy Concrete Coatings resurfaced the old concrete floor, and it looks great. I could not have found anyone to do the great work Classy Concrete Coatings did for me. Thank you.

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