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Concrete Wood


You spend a lot of time in your living room. Each room in your home has its own function, but none compare to your living room. A well designed living room can be comfortable, inviting, and even fashionable. While many homeowners know how to decorate their living rooms with furniture and fixtures to make it more pleasing, they don’t think as much about the floor. Floors are a key part of your living room, but they’re often neglected by many homeowners. Some see living room floors as purely functional, opting for simple solutions like area rugs or carpeting […]

Polished Concrete Floors

Your concrete floor doesn’t have to be boring. Too many home and business owners have accepted that their concrete floor has to be plain, boring, and gray. But this isn’t true. Decorative concrete offers all types of flooring options that you may have never considered. Instead of settling for the same old gray, you can customize your concrete floor and get the design you want.
If your residential or commercial space needs a high quality, high performance floor, Polished Concrete from Classy Concrete Coatings is a great option to consider. Polishing uses a proven process to bring out […]

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