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Classy Concrete Coatings Ohio is focused on PROTECTINGREPAIRING, and DESIGNING Concrete. concrete coatings Toledo OhioThe Classy Concrete Coatings Ohio use the full line  of products from The Concrete Protector, and we are officially trained and certified to install using their products. Our office is located in Mt. Cory, OH.

Classy Concrete Coatings Ohio specialize in many applications for concrete repair, coatings and sealants but the areas we enjoy the most is transforming an customers home or business. Classy Concrete Coatings Ohio unique designs that include concrete caulking products, stamped or stained products that include waterproofing and sealing driveways and garages as well as we provide you with a large selection of patterns and designs.

PROTECT: Classy Concrete Coatings Ohio Sealing and protecting concrete with the best environmentally friendly penetrating sealer on the market today. Utilizing nano technology when it comes to serious protection, there is no other hydrophobic sealer that delivers like “The Concrete Protector.” With the optional maintenance program, you can keep your concrete looking clean and new for over thirty years for less money than it would cost you to tear out and replace your concrete one time.

REPAIR: Over the last decade, Classy Concrete Coatings Ohio have seen many products that promise long lasting affects, but have witnessed only one product that keeps its word. “You-won´t-believe-it-until-you-see-it” FLEXKRETE, stands alone as the only repair product that lasts long term. Check out some of our repairs ten years later.

DESIGN: Perhaps the reason Classy Concrete Coatings Ohio is so well known today, is their ability to transform old, ugly concrete into beautiful, functional flooring. This is the foundation of our company. More and more people are realizing the long term and sustainable benefits of decorative concrete. Toledo Artistic specializes in modified cement overlays, staining, industrial grade epoxy coatings, and stencil patterning. They transform old, ugly, damaged concrete into beautiful, functional floors, that offer a lifetime of service.

Garage, pool deck, basement, patio, drive way, office, fire station, school… Virtually any concrete surface, whether residential, commercial, or industrial flooring; Classy Concrete Coatings Ohio will amaze you! We have thousands of patterns and designs, and offer simulated brick, tile, hardwood, granite, marble, terrazzo, quarts, slate, and stained finishes. You will be astounded at the infinite selection of designs and colors.

Call Classy Concrete Coatings Ohio for an estimate today. With over a million square feet installed we guarantee to please… and your concrete will thank you!


Classy Concrete Coatings Ohio

These are some Cities we do within a 50-mile radius:
Lima ▪ Toledo ▪ Perrysburg ▪ North Baltimore ▪ Findlay ▪ Bowling Green ▪ Defiance ▪ Wapakoneta
We also do the cities in Central and Western OH, Eastern Indiana, & Southern Michigan. We will travel depending on the size of the job.
If your City is not listed, please call Classy Concrete Coatings Ohio  for more information and for a free estimate!

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